The Smart Package Manager project has the ambitious objective of creating smart and portable algorithms for solving adequately the problem of managing software upgrades and installation. This tool works in all major distributions and will bring notable advantages over native tools currently in use (APT, APT-RPM, YUM, URPMI, etc).

Notice that this project is not a magical bridge between every distribution in the planet. Instead, this is software offering better package management for these distributions when working with their native packages. Using multiple packaging systems at the same time (like rpm and dpkg) is possible but would require packages from those systems to follow the same packaging guidelines. As this is not the case at the moment, mixing package systems is not recommended.

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Check the features page.


Smart is still missing good documentation. We hope to provide it soon.

Get Smart!

If you want to grab the source code for Smart, the following files are available:

If you're looking for prebuilt packages for your distribution, these links may help you:

Development Repository

Smart is being developed in a Bazaar repository in Launchpad.

To check it out, execute the following command:

To browser the code, or see the history and so on, go to:

Mailing List & Unofficial forum

You may subscribe to the mailing list by:

Messages to the list should be sent to (subscribers only).

Archives can be found at:

Issue Tracker

Using the issue tracker you may:

The issue tracker has moved some time ago. The old issues are still available. Please, do not post new issues in the old tracker.


Talk with the developers and other Smart users at #smart on


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